Monday, July 05, 2010

pic of the day - day 5

Pic of the day - hamburgers to be made into chicken nuggets.
So we have this work crew working on our roof, and last night my parents church had a picnic and left over food....they gave the food to my parents to feed our workers. We had three packs of these hamburgers left over. Well, my sister Mary says to us that we could reuse them. Becky agrees and says "yes, you can crumble them up and make sloppy joes." My brother-in-law Kessinger says, "maybe we can make chicken nuggets" because that is what my three nephews eat everywhere they go out to eat. Well, Mary picks up on this and says, "yeah, I can make them into chicken nuggest for you." My sister Becky who is literal with everything that is said, gets this confused look on her face and says, "you can't make hamburgers into chicken nuggest." Mary says, "yeah, I can do that." Becky really didn't get it as a joke...even with us all laughing. So funny!
We love Becky though. She's just so much fun to tease with...

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