Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All Of Creation

Tonight I went to see Mercy Me with my sister Leah, nephew Nicholas and friends Kat and Mary.  We had an amazing time tonight.  I love how Mercy Me is about praising God in their concert...yes we had fun and danced crazy, but when it all came down, it was a very special night of praising God.

My favorite song "Alright" was sung.  It's my favorite song because it has the message of "Bring the Rain" but more upbeat attitude (in other words, I dance during it, than cry like I do when I hear "Bring the Rain").  My favorite part of that song is the tag at the end..."count it pure joy when the world comes crashin', hold your head up and keep on dancin'" Such a great message and encouragement for Christians.  It actually reminds me of how I was when the hole situation with the layoffs at work.  I remember one of my co-workers who asked me, "why are you not worried about this?"  It was a great opportunity for me to share my faith in God and how I trust Him with my future.  I think this opportunity came to help me speak up about my faith.

I bought their new CD, because it was only $5.  I really like a few songs on it, but the one I posted is dedicated to my sister.  She wrote on my facebook wall "As soon as they start singing "All of Creation" and he drops that word "separated" you know what's coming next...get those hands in the air and start praising for me too..."  I miss my sister and am thankful that we are able to worship with each other in spirit.  I really wish she were here or at least lived closer.  It would have been fun to have her with Leah and me at the concert.

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