Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Coffee House

The group I sing with (I:43) is singing at a Coffee House in Kentucky.  I'm excited about it, because it's a new location we will be singing.  The guy who began this Coffee House used to run the one at First Baptist Church in Ironton and we sang twice at that one.  He called a couple of weeks ago and we tried to get everything together.

Our orinigal group has been going through some adjustments.  One of the girls has left and we were working with another one to fill her spot.  But this Coffee House will be just Kathi, Mary and myself. Our new girl has some other obligations.  We had to work a few kinks out on Thursday and we hope that we should be able to run the songs before tonight. 

Pray for us if you read this before 5:30 pm.  Coffee House begins at 5:50 with sound check at 5:00. 

I'll post pics tonight if I get a chance to take any.

Until next time...

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