Thursday, August 05, 2010

Pic of the day - new sheets

So this past month I have been working on getting a color scheme for my room. I love penguins and have been decorating my room with them all and presents from friends, family and people who know I like them. It's been really fun getting things together, but I still hadn't decided what to do with the accent color. I had blue from the last time, but I really wasn't liking it. My mom bought me a comforter for my birthday that had light blue (one of my favorite colors), but I still hadn't gotten anything to go with it.
The other day I went to (The) Wal-mart just looking at different stuff for VBS. Well...I had seen this orange throw (blanket) that was really soft and thought I'd really like to have it. Orange is my second favorite color. Anyway, I didn't get it that first day I saw it...but had some extra money and thought about it again. Wal-mart has the college stuff in stock and I found the orange sheets on sale (they are a microfiber ... which are softer than most sheets out there). Well...I put them in my cart, then I found this pillow for sitting up in the bed that was orange. I put it in my cart too. I finally thought if I can find that blanket I know it's meant to be...well, I looked in every bedroom stuff isle (twice), and was about to put the stuff up, but I rounded the corner and found on a end cap the blankets...and one was orange. YEAH!!! It was meant to be.
I have a quilt that my mom made when I was little. I remember watching her make it and somehow I ended up with it for several years. Now that it is getting older (and very worn), I decided that it may be a good idea to get a new "security" blanket. The penguin comforter that my mom bought would be really good to use this, with the exception that the backing of the comforter had a weird texture. I bought a queen size orange sheet for my mom to sew on the back of it...that way my orange accent would have a base of where it started. It looks really good and it is so nice. I think I will keep the old quilt for awhile...especially in the winter time when I have about 3 to 4 blankets on my bed (no heater in my room by choice, because I like it colder in my room)...that way I'll still have my "security" blanket with me. may be wondering...why does a 40 year old have a "security" blanket? Well...I'm single....enough said :)

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