Monday, August 23, 2010

Thankful (with lyrics)

So, on the way home from work today, my sister brought up a point.  I was telling her about my job and how things are crazy.  She asked, "are you thankful you have a job?"  I answered her with a yes...and I began to think about it.  The hospital that I work for last month laid off many...thankfully I still have a job (for now).  And even though the past two times I worked alone in my department and through my lunch, I do have an amazing group of people that I work with who really help me out when I need it.

Thanking about being thankful...had me thinking of this song by Caedmon's Call that I saw live.  It was my favorite song they ever recorded.  Hope you enjoy...and that it helps you to remember to be thankful for what God allows to come our way...the good and the ugly.  LOL!!

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