Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Michael W. Smith - Wonder (music review)

I am a huge fan of Michael W. Smith.  I have listened to him since I was 13 years old.  I loved how he brought a new energy to contemporary Christian music. 

Things have changed over the years...Smitty has gotten older and has learned lessons that have changed his writings and recordings over the years. 

There are a few CD's that I have not added to my library...yet...but his new CD "Wonder" I wanted right away.  I was able to listen to it a couple of times while cleaning the church, but I really didn't pay attention to the entire CD - the first 5 songs I'd like to talk well as the last song.

The CD opens up with the energy I remember Smitty having when I was a little girl listening to him.  My favorite part of the song is at the end of the second verse going into the chorus: "Don't look down...don't look down." The phrase doesn't say much, but the musicality in the song is just enough to really surprise the listener.

"Take My Breath Away" opens with some strings ... cello especially.  The first two songs really keep the energy that Smitty is known for...

"Run To You" - written by Smitty and Matthew West slows things down a little.  I like this song about surrendering to God.

"I'll Wait For You" caught me a little off guard "Morning Mr. Repo Man...give me one mroe week...and I'll be gone." I wasn't getting it, maybe as I listen to the CD over and over, I'll get it one day.  Sometimes songs are like that (I know this from experience with the song "Life is Hard, but God is good"...sang that for several years and even at my grandmother's funeral, but didn't get it until I went through a major trial.)

I love the fact that Smitty writes music that shows his relationship with his wife.  "Forever Yours" has that promise of staying with her "until death comes between us." 

The last track of the CD is entitled "Take Me Over."  This is a classic Smitty ballad.  I really enjoyed listening to this...and it's nice to have it as an ending to the CD.

I'm a credits junkie...and love to read who plays on what...and such and such.  The dedication of the CD is to his amazing wife Debbie.  Chris Rodriguez sings some background vocals...LOVE IT!!  Also showing up are a few of Tobymac's kids as part of "gang vocals." 

I will be listening to this CD for awhile...

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