Saturday, October 30, 2010

October is Pastor Appreciation Month

October is pastor appreciation month.  I'd like blog a bit about what a wonderful pastor I have - Scott Jenkins.  I first met him when I was in 4th grade.  He was attending the church where my father had begun to pastor.  Eventually he began working with the youth group and by the time I was able to attend youth group he was in full swing.  I learned so much from him when I was in that youth group.  My father left the church in 1990, and Scott began to pastor that church. 

Through the years, we kept in touch.  After he left his first church, he pastored a small church in town.  Eventually he left there, and my dad recommended him to fill the pulpit for him when he became too ill to preach.  My dad actually left the church, but didn't want to keep them short-handed.  Scott filled in a few times there.  By this time, Gateway Baptist was in need of a pastor.  I prayed about this situation as there was another man who Gateway was considering.  I'm thankful to say that my prayers were answered in the way I was praying them :)  God allowed for our paths to once again join together on this journey. 

I'm thankful that Scott stands up for what he believes.  He preaches from the Word.  He doesn't water down his messages, tickling our ears...but his messages are filled with words of wisdom.

He's also a servant.  He teaches us to be servants by being one himself.  Our church has gotten special care since he's retired (some doors fixed, painting of rooms, and even our VBS decorations had some added help). 

I'm thankful that I can say that Scott Jenkins is my pastor.  He's also a friend :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Natalie Grant with Jason Lovins Band

Thursday night I had the opportunity to see Natalie Grant in concert.  It was brought to our area by the Jason Lovins Band.  This is a local group in the Tri-State area that is really talented.  I heard them when they opened for Mercy Me.  They are really good.  My favorite song they perform is "It Is Well."  I'm excited about the hymns project they are getting ready to release.  When they sing "It Is Well", I cry.  It's a very simple arrangement, but so powerful. 

The night was incredible.  I am so glad that Jason took on the job of bringing the concert to our area.  It was almost called off. 

Natalie was really good.  I do wish that she sang a few songs that she didn't, but it was still good.  She is 7 months pregnant.  She talked about baby
Sadie and her older sisters.  Her husband, Bernie, wasn't with her this trip.  Of course, I did bring the CD's that he recorded.  Tiffany took them back to her and she took a picture and tweeted about it. 

One of the songs she sang that I really enjoyed was "Your Great Name."  This song is on her latest CD in two versions.  The first is full band, but the last song it's an acoustic version.  That's the way she sang it that night.  That version is my favorite.  It just brings the song to a new level.

The picture on the left is me with Tiffany.  The right picture is me with Kat, Mary and Gigi.  We sat together at the concert.  My sister Leah and her son and two other friends had already left.  It really was a good night.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

5K - Run in Remembrance (or in my case ... walk)

Today, I participated in a 5K walk...this is my first participation, but I used to walk 3 miles a day about 4 years ago.  Anyway, I walked in remembrance of my grandmother Erma Hutchinson.  I called her Beball.  She is my mom's mother.  I think I was closer to her because we visited with her a lot and she actually lived with us before she went to the nursing home. 

I decided to do the race with my friends.  Ben, Kathi, Tim and Mary.  Ben ran for his grandpa, Kathi her grandma, Tim and Mary ran for Dale Bird, a former teacher and friend of the both of them.  It was nice to have them supporting me at the finish line.  Mary in my sight for most of the race, but she would run every now and then and got way ahead of me at the end.

My goal today was to walk it in an hour. I was hoping I would survive, as I hadn't really walked much before today. I should have trained that I'm feeling really sore. We will see how sore I am tomorrow. LOL!

While I was walking, I had my music blasting to help with pace. I got to the two mile marker and heard what my time was 35.18. I think that was my best time for two miles. I used to walk a 3 minute mile when I was doing it regularly.

Anyway, after I got there, I began to think about the verse where Paul talks about running the race with patience. I kept saying to myself...I'm walking with patience. I looked ahead and saw where it was almost time to turn to head toward the last 5 blocks of the race. I saw my brother-in-law and sister standing there waiting for me...then were going to walk the last part with me. I can't tell you the emotion I felt when I saw them. I remember reading a scrapbook journal entry about a lady who ran a marathon and how the last mile she saw a family member there to run the last mile with her. I know this wasn't a marathon, but knowing that my family supports this was so touching. I tried to get the emotion cleared up before I saw them and think I did pretty well. We talked the last 5 blocks about times and getting to the next stop sign and then the next one. I finished the race in under 55 minutes. I was so tired and my legs felt like jello when I finished, but I was so glad that I did it. I can't say that I want to do another one this soon, but I'm thinking of doing one on Thanksgiving. There's a Turkey Trot we are looking to do.

It was a really nice morning, but I was really cold.  I'll have to remember to dress warmer, but not too warm, because your body does heat up when working out.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

UPSIDE - Trailer

Mark Hall, Youth Pastor and Lead Singer, CASTING CROWNS says "upside is an inspiring film about faith and love that challenges us all to follow the uniquepath God has for us."

UPSIDE provides a fresh look at life through the eyes of Soli (Randall Bentley, "Heroes"), a young athlete struggling to discover where he's headed, both figuratively and literally.  Viewing the world upside down is a challenge few will ever face, but that hardly is the extent of Soli's pressing concerns.

He has trouble at home with his mom, he's trying to end his relationship with his girlfriend, and he has to come to grips with a teacher that thinks he can be much more than he wants to be.  Suddenly, Soli's senior year looking nothing like he imagined it would be.

Add in Wren (Leah Sims), an unlikely love interest with a strong faith in God, and Soli must take a new look at everything he believes in.

Can Soli win the heart of Wren, who happens to be blind?  Can he believe in something he can't see?  Will he find a new direction for his life, even if his eyesight never returns to normal?

When you can't trust your eyes, you still have your voice.  This unique story is an inspiring reminder that when life gets you down, there's always an UPSIDE.

I bought this movie after seeing the trailer posted from my sister's facebook page.  She had gotten it from Casting Crowns' page. 

This is an uplifting story of a boy who doesn't know God.  Through an accident that causes his eyesight to get switched and a friendship with a believer, he accepts Jesus as his Savior.  It's not an easy road after that, but begins to learn how to lean into his faith. 

I enjoyed watching this movie.  I noticed only one word used.  I like how there are believers who live their lives unashamed for God. 

I will give it a thumbs up.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One Tree Hill Round Table

I really enjoyed this reminded me a little of how the relationships that were built in high school survived many years.  I love how Brooke goes to Haley for advice...especially since Peyton is gone.  I also liked how Nathan encouraged Brooke too.  They were really good friends in high school.

I also enjoyed the feeling of a new beginning especially with the close of the chapters in Nathan & Brooke's lives.  Looking forward to seeing what is going to happen later this season.

1. Favorite quote - I have a funny one and one that made me say "awww..."

Nathan "It would probably mean more if you hadn't brought it from a purse." Julian "It's not a purse, it's a man bag."

Julian "You make sad look beautiful, Brooke Davis"

2. Version of the Theme Song - Hated it!  This season on OTH they are having covers of the Theme Song "I Don't Want To Be" by Gavin DeGraw.  This is something that is tough for me, because I really like the original version by Gavin, but there have been a few in the past weeks that were not as bad as tonight's.  I know a cover doesn't have to be the same, but this was TOO different. 

3 a. What comes next Nathan Scott? Nathan working with Clay - I called it last week - when he talked about walking away from the game.  I thought it would be cool for him to work with Clay as a sports agent.  He knows the game...he's been there and he will be able to see talent when scouting for players :)

3 b. What comes next for Brooke Davis? Love how she stood up to her mom.  She loves her mom and wants her mom to be proud of her, but she's not going to keep seeking for her approval.  She knows what she has done was right.  Loved how she ended the scene with "what comes next is up to you."  Sorta like saying, it's your decision if you want me in your life.

4. Crossover story line - I like how the story line of Mia & Haley travelled to Portland to perform a show.  I'm not really a fan of "Life Unexpected" but since Mia and Haley will be on it tonight, I'll be watching it tonight.

Bonus: Alex lying to Chase - did she really take the job at Tric to research for the movie? I think so, but I had hoped she changed.

Tuesday nights

Well...Tuesdays are one of my favorite days now.  I used to not really care about Tuesdays, but now my favorite show "One Tree Hill" is on Tuesdays, so they are not as mundane as they used to be. 

I just finished working out with 3 mile walk of Walk Away the Pounds.  I think it may have been the 2nd or 3rd time that I have ever completed that workout.

That's all for now.  Hope your week is going well :)

Saturday, October 09, 2010

But nothing surprises You...

The title of this blog comes from a line from "No Matter What" by Kerrie Roberts.  This song has been on my heart quite a bit this week.  I had heard some news of a friend who was having a really hard time.  The day I heard the news, I got the soundtrack for that song and the whole time I was practicing it, I was thinking of him.  How trusting God is what is needed to handle this life we live.

I also discovered that another lady I know is facing cancer.  When her husband gave the news, he wrote "God is not surprised by this."  Again...reminding me of this song. 

I'm planning on singing this song in a couple of weeks (October 24th).  My sister told me about the song and it came into my life at just the right time.  The first line of the song says "I'm running back to your promises one more time...Lord that's all I can hold onto."  Life is tough, but knowing that God is here to run to.  He's watching over me, is a comfort for me.  I don't have all the answers, but I know WHO does.  I'm glad that nothing surprises my GOD.  I'm glad that I have a hope in my life that I can face it each day. 

God, No matter what I'm gonna love You, no matter what I'm gonna need You!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Kristian Stanfill - Jesus Paid It All (Passion '06)

Jesus paid it all...can't really add anything to this, but this was my favorite song from Kristian at the concert the other night.  Hope you enjoy too :)

Saturday, October 02, 2010

2009 Dove Awards Chris Tomlin I Will Rise HQ

I love this song by Chris Tomlin.  I saw him in concert tonight...amazing man of God...a man who loves God and wants to bring praise to Him.  I really enjoyed hearing this song tonight.  I like so many.  At the end of the concert he asked for those who lead worship and are worship pastors to raise their hands.  My friends looked at me and I raised my hand.  Chris, then asked for those around them to give them a hug and to give them a hand...that was very special, because I realized that my friends really see the importance of choosing songs to help with the flow of the service.  It's not an easy job and I have to get out of the way a lot.

I also enjoyed hearing "Jesus Paid It All" sung by Kristian Stansfill.  I cried a few times tonight, because I realized my the fact that my pastor had told me early tonight he supports me in the music ministry I do at church.  I'm thankful that he does...because there are some people who don't get it.  I love the fact that my pastor gets it and allows God to use me in that area at church.