Saturday, October 16, 2010

5K - Run in Remembrance (or in my case ... walk)

Today, I participated in a 5K walk...this is my first participation, but I used to walk 3 miles a day about 4 years ago.  Anyway, I walked in remembrance of my grandmother Erma Hutchinson.  I called her Beball.  She is my mom's mother.  I think I was closer to her because we visited with her a lot and she actually lived with us before she went to the nursing home. 

I decided to do the race with my friends.  Ben, Kathi, Tim and Mary.  Ben ran for his grandpa, Kathi her grandma, Tim and Mary ran for Dale Bird, a former teacher and friend of the both of them.  It was nice to have them supporting me at the finish line.  Mary in my sight for most of the race, but she would run every now and then and got way ahead of me at the end.

My goal today was to walk it in an hour. I was hoping I would survive, as I hadn't really walked much before today. I should have trained that I'm feeling really sore. We will see how sore I am tomorrow. LOL!

While I was walking, I had my music blasting to help with pace. I got to the two mile marker and heard what my time was 35.18. I think that was my best time for two miles. I used to walk a 3 minute mile when I was doing it regularly.

Anyway, after I got there, I began to think about the verse where Paul talks about running the race with patience. I kept saying to myself...I'm walking with patience. I looked ahead and saw where it was almost time to turn to head toward the last 5 blocks of the race. I saw my brother-in-law and sister standing there waiting for me...then were going to walk the last part with me. I can't tell you the emotion I felt when I saw them. I remember reading a scrapbook journal entry about a lady who ran a marathon and how the last mile she saw a family member there to run the last mile with her. I know this wasn't a marathon, but knowing that my family supports this was so touching. I tried to get the emotion cleared up before I saw them and think I did pretty well. We talked the last 5 blocks about times and getting to the next stop sign and then the next one. I finished the race in under 55 minutes. I was so tired and my legs felt like jello when I finished, but I was so glad that I did it. I can't say that I want to do another one this soon, but I'm thinking of doing one on Thanksgiving. There's a Turkey Trot we are looking to do.

It was a really nice morning, but I was really cold.  I'll have to remember to dress warmer, but not too warm, because your body does heat up when working out.

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