Sunday, October 24, 2010

Natalie Grant with Jason Lovins Band

Thursday night I had the opportunity to see Natalie Grant in concert.  It was brought to our area by the Jason Lovins Band.  This is a local group in the Tri-State area that is really talented.  I heard them when they opened for Mercy Me.  They are really good.  My favorite song they perform is "It Is Well."  I'm excited about the hymns project they are getting ready to release.  When they sing "It Is Well", I cry.  It's a very simple arrangement, but so powerful. 

The night was incredible.  I am so glad that Jason took on the job of bringing the concert to our area.  It was almost called off. 

Natalie was really good.  I do wish that she sang a few songs that she didn't, but it was still good.  She is 7 months pregnant.  She talked about baby
Sadie and her older sisters.  Her husband, Bernie, wasn't with her this trip.  Of course, I did bring the CD's that he recorded.  Tiffany took them back to her and she took a picture and tweeted about it. 

One of the songs she sang that I really enjoyed was "Your Great Name."  This song is on her latest CD in two versions.  The first is full band, but the last song it's an acoustic version.  That's the way she sang it that night.  That version is my favorite.  It just brings the song to a new level.

The picture on the left is me with Tiffany.  The right picture is me with Kat, Mary and Gigi.  We sat together at the concert.  My sister Leah and her son and two other friends had already left.  It really was a good night.

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