Saturday, October 30, 2010

October is Pastor Appreciation Month

October is pastor appreciation month.  I'd like blog a bit about what a wonderful pastor I have - Scott Jenkins.  I first met him when I was in 4th grade.  He was attending the church where my father had begun to pastor.  Eventually he began working with the youth group and by the time I was able to attend youth group he was in full swing.  I learned so much from him when I was in that youth group.  My father left the church in 1990, and Scott began to pastor that church. 

Through the years, we kept in touch.  After he left his first church, he pastored a small church in town.  Eventually he left there, and my dad recommended him to fill the pulpit for him when he became too ill to preach.  My dad actually left the church, but didn't want to keep them short-handed.  Scott filled in a few times there.  By this time, Gateway Baptist was in need of a pastor.  I prayed about this situation as there was another man who Gateway was considering.  I'm thankful to say that my prayers were answered in the way I was praying them :)  God allowed for our paths to once again join together on this journey. 

I'm thankful that Scott stands up for what he believes.  He preaches from the Word.  He doesn't water down his messages, tickling our ears...but his messages are filled with words of wisdom.

He's also a servant.  He teaches us to be servants by being one himself.  Our church has gotten special care since he's retired (some doors fixed, painting of rooms, and even our VBS decorations had some added help). 

I'm thankful that I can say that Scott Jenkins is my pastor.  He's also a friend :)

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Anonymous said...

Yes Scott is a very good pastor and I am pleased that you get to sit under the teachings of such a faithful servant.