Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Anthony Evans - Snacking - video blog with my commentary

So this morning, I woke up really early...not for any major reason...went to the bathroom then decided to check email.  While checking it, I went to youtube to check out my subscriptions.  Anthony Evans posted a new video blog about snacking on food how God used that illustration to show him about how he snacks on the world.  Listen to it because it's good.

While listening to it, I noticed how it went with both messages from Sunday.  My pastor spoke on the subject of Sin.  Not something very popular in this day in age, but as I have said in previous blogs, I'm thankful that my pastor preaches from the Word of God and not just sugar coats his messages.  Anyway, snacking on the world can be called Sin and when we are christians we have a privledge of forgiveness of sins.  We can confess our sin and get right with God.  I know that God has been working in my life in this area and am thankful that He uses sermons and video blogs to get us on the right track.  The evening message about about our love for God's word.  How we appreciate it and meditate on it. 

After the service, I spoke with pastor about how God had been working on me this week and how both of those sermons were just the icing on the cake of what He was doing for me this week.  I mentioned to pastor how scripture was the first thing I thought of when encouraging a friend earlier that morning.  It was the first thing I could think of.  I didn't want to give any of my thoughts, but just give the words of God for a comfort ... the same words that have comforted me in trying times. 

I'm thankful that God hasn't given up on me...that He continues to work in my life and help me to strive to be more like Him...not just leave me snacking on the world. Hope your day was encouraged too!

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