Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving / Buckeye Christmas

Today is the day that my family (the Jaynes) set aside to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner and then we gather together to exchange presents (the event that is commonly known as Buckeye Christmas).  It's a very special day...and one that I really look forward too each year.

I love this time of year, because it begins my evaluation process.  The process of looking back on the year and seeing what has happened and what I am thankful for...

I'll start chronologically because it will be the easiest way to recall what has happened.

Job - I'm thankful for the job that God has given me. I believe God lead me to this job at the right time and has allowed me to share my life in it.  I also love the people with whom I work.  It's been a pleasure getting to know my co-workers and exploring new friendships.

Single Friends - In February, my single ladies (who are special friends) celebrated "Anti-Valentine's Day."  I'm thankful that I have special friends who help me during this lonely holiday.

Car - In April, I went with my brother-in-law Mike and sister Becky to purchase my first semi-new car.  We went to Lindsey Honda in Columbus to get a 2007 Honda CRV for me.  The mileage and price was something that I prayed for.  I'm thankful that God allowed this opportunity for me.

Turning 40 - I'm thankful for my 40th birthday celebrations.  I had a few of them this year.  My first was the Sunday before my birthday. My friends took me to Fat Patty's (my new favorite restaurant).  Mary had given me a birthday sash and the waiter couldn't believe that I was turning 40 :)  My co-workers, on my birthday, hung up signs all over the office wishing me a happy 40th birthday.  They also TP'd my new car :)  My final celebration happened in June.  My friends had made plans for us to meet at Ben and Kat's house to go see the A-Team.  Mary stopped by to pick me up and we went to Ben and Kat's.  I walked to the door and there was a picture of Bella and Jacob hanging on the door.  There was a message with a bubble saying that was from the book.  I took it off the door and proceeded inside.  I went up the stairs that were covered with a black table cloth and apples places on the steps.  My friends said together "DeeJay, you don't know how long I've waited for you."  I was so surprised.  It ended up that after we ate...we decied to go see A-Team because that's what I thought we were doing anyway.

Vacation - Went to the beach with friends again this year.  It was a fun week...

Roof project - Several members of the family came together to help my parents with a roof project.  The men worked and I helped with running on the ground and in the kitchen and running errands.  It was nice to be able to take a few days off work to help with it. 

Sister day at Camden Park - Went to Camden Park one night with my two sisters and their children.  We missed my oldest sister, but it was fun to be with Leah and Mary.  Leah and I rode the haunted house and I laughed the entire ride, because I was laughing at Leah - she was so funny :)

Concerts - Got to go to see a few concerts this year...Mercy Me (August), Chris Tomlin and Natalie Grant (October).

I'm thankful for the new challenges God has brought into my life that I'm implementing.  For one, I'm giving this year to Christmas missions each payday.  I hope to be able to send the gifts to at least two missionaries...depending on how it goes, maybe three :)

This year we were able to get a picture of my sisters with our mom.  It was such a sweet time getting this picture...I thought I'd post it :)

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