Thursday, December 30, 2010

Close to the end of 2010

Happy New Year Adam! (you know because Adam came before Eve!) LOL!!

Today I went for my annual ovarian scan.  This was done in Lexington, KY at Markey Cancer Center. I participate in a research program where they do an annual scan each year and monitor to see if early detection of ovarian cancer can help. Right now, there is only a 5% chance of survival of ovarian cancer.  My aunt had it and my oldest sister is a survivor.  I'm so thankful for this research program.  It's free to me.  No worry about insurance or anything like that.  So far things are looking normal :)

On the way home, I rocked some tunes from DeGarmo & Key.  Listening to those songs brought me to remembering an amazing man of God.  I still miss Dana Key - even though I had never met him, his ministry touched my heart :)

I had another great Zumba class.  I'm looking forward to seeing what will come of doing these classes and making the changes I plan to make in 2011. 

While I was driving to class, I was listening to K-Love and heard something from Pasty Clairmont.  there was a question about changing your spouse and her answer was to do nothing to him.  She talked about her personal testimony of having an unsaved spouse.  She said that she used to try to talk to him until she was blue...then one day she gave it to God and started to ask Him what He could do to her in helping the situation.  While she began to change and show God's love, eventually her husband came to Christ.  I have been praying for my future husband.  Asking for God to show me who he is and to introduce us...knowing that God may not be finished working on me - I began to wonder maybe this year instead of praying for God to introduce me to him to just continue to grow in grace and knowledge.  Begin to do my reading schedule for the New Testament, w0rk on my new challenge of a healthy lifestyle and enjoy life to the fullest.  I'm really excited to see what God has for me this year. 

May you be encouraged to make the changes that need to bring you closer to our Creator!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

Today, has been a good day.  Got up this morning and went to pick up the cake I ordered for the Christmas party for Jesus my Sunday school class will be having on Sunday morning.  Then I came back home and got ready to visit with my sister.  We went to Christmas Eve service with her and her family.  It was a really good service.  The pastor performed a narrative on Simeon's part in the Christmas story. 

I have my bed ready...the boys wanted to sleep on it, but I told them Santa wouldn't come unless they were in their own bed :)

This is a special evening...I usually help my sister wrap presents...this year it looks like she got a lot done before I got here.  Right now, I'm watching "A Boyfriend for Christmas"'s one of my favorite Christmas movies they play on those holiday movie channels. 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and giving my parents their presents...mainly my daddy.  I won't write about it until after he sees it. 

Until next time...Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Adam

I wish you a Merry Christmas Adam, because this is the day before Christmas Eve and since Adam came before Eve this day is called Christmas Adam :)

Tonight a few of my friends and I got together to exchange Christmas gifts.  I love this time of year...searching for that special gift for someone.  I was worried about one of my friends and picking out the special gift, but he did like it. 

For Ben, I got Seasons 1 & 2 of NUMB3RS and a World of Warcraft desk calendar (it's trivia each day).
For Kat, I got a messenger bag with Glee and Season 1 of Glee.
They got me a gift that hasn't made it here's a penguin hat :)

For Mary, I got Eclipse on DVD (which she received the night it was released on DVD), but to have something to open, I got her a T-shirt that was Twilight inspired.  It says "Jesus is The Light" with some passages of scripture.  I also got her a button just like it and an Eclipse calendar.
She got me an orange bear pillow pet :) It matches my bedroom.

For Ginger, I got her Flywheel on DVD (she has been looking for it for a LONG time) and made her a cookbook.  This cookbook was special because it had some pictures of her favorite cooks and a special treat for her.  She really liked it.
She got me HawthoRNe Season 1 on DVD...I love that show because it has Michael Vartan in it :)

It's been a good evening.  We met for dinner, then opened presents, I left to attend Zumba class...was the only one there, but was thankful to have it.  I'm feeling really good and worked out really hard :)

Tomorrow, I will go and pick up a cake for our party on Sunday in Sunday school.  I hope the kids like their party :)

Well...until next time.  Merry Christmas Adam :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas shopping

Today is my final day of Christmas shopping.  My dad doesn't drive anymore and usually goes with  my mom when he needs to go somewhere.  I volunteered to take him Christmas shopping for momma so we are going today.  We asked momma to go with us so she doesn't have to stay at home alone.  Getting ready to head out for breakfast.  I'm so excited because I love spending time with my parents. 

I'm excited about getting all my shopping completed so I can wrap and finish putting together presents.  I love this time of year...picking out gifts that I think people will enjoy...finding that special gift and seeing the person's face when they open it (if able to).

Today is a work party also and I have choir practice's going to be very busy, so I may have to cut out something :)

Well, I had better get ready ... we leave soon :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

A new blog

I know I don't write in this blog every week or day, but I am going to be starting a new blog about my "Biggest Loser" journey.  First of all, I'm not on the biggest loser, but I'm going to journey my way through my process.  I'm thinking that blogging about this and having it available will help with accountability.  If you happen to read this blog and want to see the journey, feel free to bookmark

I have posted one blog to explain what I'm doing.  Just wanted to explain on this one too.

Christmas is approaching quickly.  I'm excited about it.  Happy Christmas to everyone :)

Thursday, December 09, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year :)

I love Christmas time...I think it has a lot to do with the fact when I was 13 years old, I accepted Jesus as my Savior.  It was on Decmeber 20th - 5 days before Christmas :) I'm so thankful and grateful that I made the decision to accept Jesus' gift. Knowing that I have hope and assurance is a blessing.  I know many people during this time of year -- don't have hope. They don't know that things will not always be lonely, rough, or hectic.  God is an amazing source of strength.  When I'm weak, His strength is there to hold me secure.  It's sounds trite, but it's so true.  I can tell you many times when I have felt lost and alone, but knowing that Jesus was with me, I was able to get my focus where it needs to be ... on Him and giving Him glory and realized that my problems are not really problems at all. 

I'm thankful that my church allows me to organize an evening of Christmas music to celebrate this time of season.  There are so many songs that speak of the birth of Christ and the reason He came to this earth...and to be able to celebrate this season with a passion of mine - music is just double the rewards. 

I was able to sing with I:43 the original group and the new and improved I:43...we have asked a new guy in our church to join with us.  I am hoping that it will be a permanent part of this group and it's nice to have a fuller sound.  I also sang a song and dedicated it to my friend Ruthie.  She had asked me to sing it, so I decided to do it at the last minute :) It really went well.

I would like to close with a prayer for those who may be hurting during this time...may you be able to turn to God in this time of need...

Father God, I ask that you be especially with those who are hurting during this time of year.  I pray that You will bring Christian friends and people in their pathways so they may be encouraged during this time of year and may even be birthed into Your family.  I know that I'm thankful for that fact and know how important it is for others to know Your grace and peace.  May You get the honor and glory during this Christmas it is the reason we celebrate.  Amen!