Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas shopping

Today is my final day of Christmas shopping.  My dad doesn't drive anymore and usually goes with  my mom when he needs to go somewhere.  I volunteered to take him Christmas shopping for momma so we are going today.  We asked momma to go with us so she doesn't have to stay at home alone.  Getting ready to head out for breakfast.  I'm so excited because I love spending time with my parents. 

I'm excited about getting all my shopping completed so I can wrap and finish putting together presents.  I love this time of year...picking out gifts that I think people will enjoy...finding that special gift and seeing the person's face when they open it (if able to).

Today is a work party also and I have choir practice's going to be very busy, so I may have to cut out something :)

Well, I had better get ready ... we leave soon :)

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