Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Adam

I wish you a Merry Christmas Adam, because this is the day before Christmas Eve and since Adam came before Eve this day is called Christmas Adam :)

Tonight a few of my friends and I got together to exchange Christmas gifts.  I love this time of year...searching for that special gift for someone.  I was worried about one of my friends and picking out the special gift, but he did like it. 

For Ben, I got Seasons 1 & 2 of NUMB3RS and a World of Warcraft desk calendar (it's trivia each day).
For Kat, I got a messenger bag with Glee and Season 1 of Glee.
They got me a gift that hasn't made it here's a penguin hat :)

For Mary, I got Eclipse on DVD (which she received the night it was released on DVD), but to have something to open, I got her a T-shirt that was Twilight inspired.  It says "Jesus is The Light" with some passages of scripture.  I also got her a button just like it and an Eclipse calendar.
She got me an orange bear pillow pet :) It matches my bedroom.

For Ginger, I got her Flywheel on DVD (she has been looking for it for a LONG time) and made her a cookbook.  This cookbook was special because it had some pictures of her favorite cooks and a special treat for her.  She really liked it.
She got me HawthoRNe Season 1 on DVD...I love that show because it has Michael Vartan in it :)

It's been a good evening.  We met for dinner, then opened presents, I left to attend Zumba class...was the only one there, but was thankful to have it.  I'm feeling really good and worked out really hard :)

Tomorrow, I will go and pick up a cake for our party on Sunday in Sunday school.  I hope the kids like their party :)

Well...until next time.  Merry Christmas Adam :)

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