Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

Today, has been a good day.  Got up this morning and went to pick up the cake I ordered for the Christmas party for Jesus my Sunday school class will be having on Sunday morning.  Then I came back home and got ready to visit with my sister.  We went to Christmas Eve service with her and her family.  It was a really good service.  The pastor performed a narrative on Simeon's part in the Christmas story. 

I have my bed ready...the boys wanted to sleep on it, but I told them Santa wouldn't come unless they were in their own bed :)

This is a special evening...I usually help my sister wrap presents...this year it looks like she got a lot done before I got here.  Right now, I'm watching "A Boyfriend for Christmas"'s one of my favorite Christmas movies they play on those holiday movie channels. 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and giving my parents their presents...mainly my daddy.  I won't write about it until after he sees it. 

Until next time...Merry Christmas Eve!!!

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