Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Newsboys :)

I love the Newsboys...even with Michael Tait as the lead singer.  He has really brought a new energy to the group.  I love Peter Fuller, but am really glad that they got a really great guy to step in...

The Newsboys have this long cat walk between the center isles...and Michael Tait knows how to walk that cat walk :)  He is hilarious to watch...dancing and shaking his butt down the isle.

 I really am glad that Jody is back in the group.  He left for a little while, but now is back and is rocking it amazingly.

 In that cat walk there is a platform that raises...it's amazing in person to see it.  Jody and Jeff also are on platforms that take them out in the audience.  It's really incredible to see...and makes for a really great show :)
 Duncan Phillips - the drummer.  I have named him "Duncan Monkey Man" ... why?  I think it's because once when we met him he smiled a goofy smiled that made it look like a Monkey.  So funny!!
 Seeing the spinning drum set live is amazing.  I have seen this several times, but it never gets old.  I really love this part of the concert...and am glad that they still do it :)
I was able to get my picture with two guys from "Our Hearts Hero" (formerly known as "Fireproof").  This is Nick (the lead singer) and Jeremy (the drummer).  It was neat to be able to get pictures with them too.  Nick went to school with my niece so I have known him before he became a big shot group with Gotee Records :)

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Winter Jam 2011 - Charleston, WV

Yesterday, I went to Charleston, WV for Winter Jam 2011 with two other friends of mine - Mary and Ginger. We had a blast.  It was a long day though.  I was able to get some pretty decent pictures. 

While we were waiting to get into the auditorium, Chris August came out and Ginger wanted to get her picture taken with him. He was really nice.
Winter Jam is hosted by the group Newsong.  They had a desire in their hearts to be able to bring together artists for one evening and not charge a lot at the door.  Last night's concert was $10.00 and most of the CD's at the table were on sale for $5. It's a great thing Christian artists to do for those who don't have a lot of money.  I love the fact that many artists are willing to do this for the public :)

Mary was in heaven while David Crowder was on stage.  She loves him :) I actually enjoyed him while he was on stage.  I didn't realize how much I liked his music.  Most of the time I hear his stuff on the radio it's not something I enjoy, but I really did enjoy the concert.

I will write more about the concert when I get the rest of my pictures uploaded.  My battery died as I was trying to get them uploaded.  It was a really nice evening.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Zumba - my new love :)

Wow! I never thought there would be an exercise out there that I would absolutely love to do, but I have found something...Zumba.  This is an amazing workout to burn a lot of calories in just an hour...and a lot more with afterburn :)

I was introduced to Zumba through a friend a few years ago, and it was quite difficult for me.  Maybe it was the teacher, but I didn't think I would make it through the class.  This past November my sister, Mary met a Zumba instructor who has a class in South Point (which I work in South Point), but there is another one she told me about and it's about 5 minutes from my house.  I went to the one in South Point and it was so much fun.  An old friend had joined my sister and I, and she encouraged me to try the class closer to home.  I was so excited to have another person to go.  I still wasn't sold yet, but now I am.  I love it.  I love reconnecting with old friends through this form of exercise.  In fact, in tonight's class I got to see a high school buddy and another acquaintance from my past :)

Tonight's class was really crazy.  I burned over 1000 calories in the class along, but with afterburn it was over 1100 :) I am doing well with my calorie intake. It's actually fun and challenging to me.  The big part is going to be Saturday...I'm going to a concert and I'm sure we will be eating out so I pray that I'll make healthy choices :)  I'm taking my food journal and calorie book which will help.

Continue to pray for me in this journal...and if you can find a Zumba class and join :)

Monday, January 03, 2011

Positive outlooks

I'm a bubbly person.  Most people notice my smile, but I really love my eyes.  I love the color brown they are...it's not just a brown, but it's a chocolate brown :)

Anyway, today was a very positive day for me.  I weighed myself at the beginning of the year and today was our official weigh in day for our "Burlington Loser" and I've lost 2 pounds :)  I know it's just 2 pounds, but it's 2 pounds less.  I am so excited about this process.  I know that calorie counting is not hard, and I have a great workout that I love to do - Zumba :)

I'm doing this process because I want to look nice for two weddings this year.  Plus I just want to become more healthy.

My goal for Bible reading is reading the New Testament in one year.  I have tried many times reading the entire Bible. I have read all the books of the Bible (for classes at Bible school), but not all in one year.  I want to try just the New Testament.  Once we finish that, I may try to do the Old Testament - then I'll try both...I'm just going to keep trying - getting further than I have gotten before :)

Until next time...

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!!

I spent New Year's Eve hanging with some of my closest friends. We had a good game night.  Mary's brother and sister-in-law came by too.  It was really a fun evening of just hanging out and playing games.  We played Pictionary on the Wii, Encore, and Scattigories.

We ate some really good food, and it was probably the last time we will have that for awhile as most of us are changing our eating habits.

Today, I was still working on my room.  I'm getthing things organized and thrown out.  I'm really glad that I'm weeding things out, because it's going to help I think.  I know there is a lot more to do, but I think doing it slowly will help me to get rid of more stuff. 

Looking forward to seeing how God is going to work in my life in 2011.