Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Newsboys :)

I love the Newsboys...even with Michael Tait as the lead singer.  He has really brought a new energy to the group.  I love Peter Fuller, but am really glad that they got a really great guy to step in...

The Newsboys have this long cat walk between the center isles...and Michael Tait knows how to walk that cat walk :)  He is hilarious to watch...dancing and shaking his butt down the isle.

 I really am glad that Jody is back in the group.  He left for a little while, but now is back and is rocking it amazingly.

 In that cat walk there is a platform that raises...it's amazing in person to see it.  Jody and Jeff also are on platforms that take them out in the audience.  It's really incredible to see...and makes for a really great show :)
 Duncan Phillips - the drummer.  I have named him "Duncan Monkey Man" ... why?  I think it's because once when we met him he smiled a goofy smiled that made it look like a Monkey.  So funny!!
 Seeing the spinning drum set live is amazing.  I have seen this several times, but it never gets old.  I really love this part of the concert...and am glad that they still do it :)
I was able to get my picture with two guys from "Our Hearts Hero" (formerly known as "Fireproof").  This is Nick (the lead singer) and Jeremy (the drummer).  It was neat to be able to get pictures with them too.  Nick went to school with my niece so I have known him before he became a big shot group with Gotee Records :)

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