Monday, January 03, 2011

Positive outlooks

I'm a bubbly person.  Most people notice my smile, but I really love my eyes.  I love the color brown they's not just a brown, but it's a chocolate brown :)

Anyway, today was a very positive day for me.  I weighed myself at the beginning of the year and today was our official weigh in day for our "Burlington Loser" and I've lost 2 pounds :)  I know it's just 2 pounds, but it's 2 pounds less.  I am so excited about this process.  I know that calorie counting is not hard, and I have a great workout that I love to do - Zumba :)

I'm doing this process because I want to look nice for two weddings this year.  Plus I just want to become more healthy.

My goal for Bible reading is reading the New Testament in one year.  I have tried many times reading the entire Bible. I have read all the books of the Bible (for classes at Bible school), but not all in one year.  I want to try just the New Testament.  Once we finish that, I may try to do the Old Testament - then I'll try both...I'm just going to keep trying - getting further than I have gotten before :)

Until next time...

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