Thursday, January 06, 2011

Zumba - my new love :)

Wow! I never thought there would be an exercise out there that I would absolutely love to do, but I have found something...Zumba.  This is an amazing workout to burn a lot of calories in just an hour...and a lot more with afterburn :)

I was introduced to Zumba through a friend a few years ago, and it was quite difficult for me.  Maybe it was the teacher, but I didn't think I would make it through the class.  This past November my sister, Mary met a Zumba instructor who has a class in South Point (which I work in South Point), but there is another one she told me about and it's about 5 minutes from my house.  I went to the one in South Point and it was so much fun.  An old friend had joined my sister and I, and she encouraged me to try the class closer to home.  I was so excited to have another person to go.  I still wasn't sold yet, but now I am.  I love it.  I love reconnecting with old friends through this form of exercise.  In fact, in tonight's class I got to see a high school buddy and another acquaintance from my past :)

Tonight's class was really crazy.  I burned over 1000 calories in the class along, but with afterburn it was over 1100 :) I am doing well with my calorie intake. It's actually fun and challenging to me.  The big part is going to be Saturday...I'm going to a concert and I'm sure we will be eating out so I pray that I'll make healthy choices :)  I'm taking my food journal and calorie book which will help.

Continue to pray for me in this journal...and if you can find a Zumba class and join :)

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