Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 13 - A picture of your favorite band or artist

This is always hard for me to narrow down.  I love music and there are many artists that have influenced my life.  Here are the top 3.

- Michael O'Brien.  He is a solo artist that has vocals smooth as butter
 He joined the group Newsong for a short stint, but is back doing music as a ministry.  His latest recording is a work or worship.  Really great music to play while reading the Bible or meditating.  Michael's testimony is full of God's grace and well as the forgiveness of his wife.  He loves her with all his heart and encouraging other couples to live a life of purity in their marriage.
 Natalie Grant is my favorite female vocalists. Her integrity speaks volumes in her testimony. She's very personable and down to earth. Her heart goes out to youth women - wanting to influence them in their walk with God - which is why she's involved with Revolve Tour (A teen girls Women of Faith conference)
Michael Tait began his career as 1/3 of DC Talk. His soulful vocals provided a new spin of rap music.  He recently joined the group Newboys as lead vocals and I have to say...I love the addition of this change.  It was going to be hard at first, because I thought of it as a new "Tait" band, but after seeing them in concert I saw Newsboys in a new light.  It's not a new "Tait" but a new "Newsboys."  I do miss Peter as lead vocal, but appreciate his heart to pursuing the new ministry.

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