Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 6 - A picture of someone you wish you could switch places with for a day

My new favorite show is Criminal Minds.  I love Derek Morgan (Shamar Moore), but there is something about Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Grey Gubler) that makes him someone I like.  I know he's a character and I want to trade places with the actress who kisses him - in his character :)

He's adorable and geeky and so funny.  I've watched all of the first 5 seasons and have grown to just love his character with each episode. 

My mom asked me "Why do you always want to kiss married boys?"  I told her he wasn't married... to which her reply was "Is he a Christian?"  I told her he's a character on a TV show and he's a fake person.  She then asked "why do you want to kiss fake people?"  My answer (but I didn't tell her) least I would be kissing someone then :)

I don't want to a boyfriend just to have a boyfriend.  I want a man who will challenge me in my walk with Christ.  One who will pursue me and love me as Christ loves the church.  I have given my "wish list" to God, but He knows who He is preparing ... and the more I think about the guy...I think He's preparing Jesus for when he returns for His bride...ME (well, I'm one of them)

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