Thursday, March 31, 2011

update's been awhile since I posted.  Life has been crazy for me. At work we are doing some remodelling and we will be adding a new person in my department.  Pray for us as we make this transition of a new person coming into our family.  I know she is nervous about it.

VBS is soon approaching.  We have a meeting scheduled for this Saturday, but I'm not sure I'll be able to make it.  I've got A LOT to do this weekend.

Zumba is still a love of mine.  I love the cardio workout that I get with it.  I love how the stress leaves my body after I finish a class.  It's just a really great workout.

I am singing a solo in the Cantata for Easter.  We will be having another Easter Music service on Palm Sunday evening.  I'm excited about that service.  I love getting those services together :)

Well...that's all for now...I think. I'll try to get back with my picture project soon.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a good day

Today was a really good day for me.  I'm so glad that I was able to enjoy a good day.  It was busy, but we got a lot done at work.  Tonight, I'm working on getting some clothes put up.  I have a lot to do, and I'm working to get it done, but it seems the process is slow.

I'm excited about watching the Biggest Loser tonight.  That show is an encouragement to this process of mine. 

Well...that's all for now :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fallen behind...

I have fallen behind on my picture project.  My momma made sure to remind me that I needed to get that boys bottom off my blog :)  It was interesting that she said something, because I made a scrapbook for the people from Winter Jam to sign and one of the pics I used was that one that Michael Tait shaking his butt. He was laughing at it and Jody was teasing him about it. It was so cute :)

Ginger, Mary and I had a really good time, but it was a long day and a VERY short night.  I was glad to be able to go and would do it again :)

This morning's service was very good.  Pastor spoke on the elder brother of the prodigal boy. It was really good and brought out a lot of things that I'm thinking about.  I know I have been like the elder son before - and now in some areas of my life.  I'm thankful that I have a pastor who understands what I say - without using a lot of words.  He and I discussed it a bit after church and he totally understood :)

God is good and He's given all of us more than we deserve, because we deserve...Hell. But God gave us His Son, Jesus - who came to earth as a man.  Jesus lived as we do, but without sin.  Then He gave His life for us (me and you).  I'm thankful that He paid the price...HE PAID IT ALL!!! Now I don't have to live eternity without Him.

Until next time :)

Day 22 - a picture of something you wish you were better at - YOGA

I like a DVD called "Praise Moves" it's a person who took moves that are in yoga and put a biblical spin on it.  I don't like all types of Yoga - but when Bob Harper teaches it on the DVDs that I have, I'm able to do it like "Praise Moves."

Most yoga classes and DVDs talk about getting out of your body and focusing on cleansing your mind and getting everything out of it.  That is a dangerous thing because Satan can trap a person. 

When I approach yoga, I focus on my breathing...which is something that God has given to me.  I also focus scripture (even when doing Bob's yoga) because I know focusing on the things of God, I'm able to withstand Satan's attacks.  It's something that I have to be aware of, because I want to thank God during my yoga time.  Get that focus of what God has given me.  After all, he created me for HIS glory.