Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

My momma is the best!  How many of us believe that and know it's true!  I'm so thankful that God had chosen my mom (and dad) to be my parents.  I know I am who I am because of their teaching.  My daddy preached the messages that taught the foundations for me to know I needed to be saved, but my momma was there to lead the way to Him that Tuesday night in December.  I still remember how God used her as she lead me through Scripture to answer those questions I had asked her.  I knew them,  but she helped explain them a little more and it seemed to be what I needed to hear, because that night was the night that surrender was there to accept the FREE gift of salvation.  I'm thankful for the little lessons momma taught me along the way. The most important was the one of my true identity. The one where I know I'm a child of the king...I know who's girl I am...I'm Jesus' girl!  I am royality.  No matter what happens to  my parents, I know that I'm secure in Jesus.  I will ALWAYS be His girl!

Thanks momma....

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