Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Waiting - Smash book

So my sister Leah and I are really into scrap booking.  She introduced me to a new thing the last couple years.  It was a calendar/scrapbook.  I now know what to call this...A SMASH BOOK!  She recently showed me a link about "smash books" and I bought one.  I was praying about what to do with the smash book I bought. I didn't want to just put anything in it, but wanted something with substance for my first smash book. My calendar/scrapbook smash book is for just everyday things, but this smash book I wanted something important.

So here goes.

I believe that 2012 is a year that God is teaching me via the word Wait (and trust).  It's been a stressful year already.  I spent the last two weeks of January driving back and forth to the hospital to be with my dad.  He had a prostate and kidney issue.  I'm thankful he is doing better now.  I am amazed the lessons God has shown me lessons in waiting during this time.

First - waiting is a progression.  I used to think of "waiting" as an inactive/passive thing.  Like sitting in one place for a long time.  But God showed me that waiting is active.  It's a progression...looking at it like waiting in line for that exciting ride at the best amusement park.  You can be in line for hours, going through the serpentine thing, but getting closer to THAT ride.  Even the serpentine was interesting to me, because life is about turns and twists on this road we travel.  There may be a road block that makes us turn to go almost the same way we came, but still a little closer to the goal.  I love how I discovered that waiting is not just sitting in one place, but it's a progression.

Second - waiting involves trust.  When you don't know what to do, you have to trust that the waiting process is where God wants you.  I read a quote from a friends' Facebook that said "Trusting God means looking beyond what you can see, to what God sees."

Third - waiting helps us see the bigger picture.  I had been talking to a guy for the past few months.  At first the conversations were great.  He was saying all the right things, but as we began to get comfortable with each other, I began seeing red flags and began praying that God would intervene.  He did.  I haven't heard from the guy in a few weeks. I don't know why, but I'm thankful for the answered prayer.  I wanted to find a special guy and apparently that was not the one. I believe that God can still bring the guy I have been praying for ... the guy that He is creating for me.

My book is beginning to get filled with really great quotes and message outlines.  Also with poems, songs, thoughts about waiting/trusting.  I am thankful that God is working with me through this journey.  It's not a fun thing to wait, but what really helps is that God will strength my heart in these days. "Psalm 27:14 - Wait on the Lord and be of good courage and He will strengthen your heart, wait, I say on the Lord."

I am thankful that I am doing better with the waiting aspect of things.  I know it's not something in the past that I have been good at...mainly because I didn't understand how waiting works.

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