Friday, March 23, 2012

Caution! Red Flags! Warnings!

I am thankful that God has given me an awareness and gives us the Holy Spirit to guide us.  As long as we are in tune with His Spirit and are not quenching Him, He is able to keep us safe and guide us in the ways that God directs.

My latest help has come with online dating.  I'm not a fan of it...and don't know why I decided to try it again, because with online dating people can pretend to be normal and honestly be something they are not.

I am thankful that red flags and warnings to warn caution are available - and sooner rather than later in the pursuits recently.  One happened within two days after texting, the other one was within a week.  The first one asked an inappropriate question to me, the other one asked me for "help" by giving money to him for some medical help.

These guys seem to pray on women's emotions...thinking that if or when we have fallen for them, we will do anything to keep the relationship going.  I am sorry, but I am not that naive.  My parents have taught me to listen to the Holy Spirit.  By letting Him guide me in my walk, I'm able to wait upon the Lord for when things are ready to proceed.

It saddens me that guys out there prey on us single girls.  What is worse, there are girls out there wanting any type of relationship that they are willing to give these guys money or letting them be perverts to them.  Please if you are reading this and know women who are single and looking for a mate...first pray for them.  Encourage them to wait upon the Lord for direction.  Remind them they are special and don't deserve to be taken advantage of...and lastly be a friend...a listening ear for them. It may seem that they are saying the same things over and over, but it helps us to learn by repetition.

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