Saturday, April 14, 2012

what's happening....

Man, it's been a very long week.  My dad went into the hospital on March 31st. He has been there for 2 weeks.  We took him in because he had blood in his catheter bag.  My brother Paul (the last of the family who hadn't seen daddy since Buckeye Christmas) was due to visit on Good Friday for the weekend.  He got in on Thursday evening (late).  I was hoping that daddy would be out of the hospital, but was glad that Paul still got to see him.  Cindy helped mom with some stuff at home.  We also were hoping he would be home for Easter Sunday, but he wasn't able to get out then.

Through out the week they were still thinking of doing the Double J stint procedure, but Dr. Rogers came back and said, no he didn't want daddy to have it.  Daddy also didn't want this procedure - so I felt daddy had another advocate to not get this procedure.  Dr. Rogers decided to have a procedure on Friday. I got off on Thursday because there were some things that we needed to learn on how to flush the catheter if any blood clots were to get stuck and not let it flow well. While they were doing that, they did a bladder scan and saw fluid in it.  I think the fluid possibly was blood, but we haven't gotten confirmation on that.  On Friday, when I called momma, she told me they were going to do a procedure, but didn't know what time. I called my boss and got off so I could go up and be with momma.  Dr. Rogers stopped by before the procedure and told us what he was going to do.  He wanted to do a bladder cystoscopy and see what was in the bladder and see if he could find out what was causing the bleeding.  While there he was going to suck the clots up and cauterize the places that were bleeding.  He also wanted to see if there were any ulcers or tumors.

After the procedure he came and told us what he saw and what he did.  Daddy does have a high grade of prostate cancer. It is still pretty bad.  He has no muscular damage to the bladder, but does have nerve damage.  His prostate is enlarged and rock solid (not a good thing).  He didn't lose any blood while in the procedure and didn't need a transfusion there, but they had it ready for him just in case.  The doctor tried to cauterize all the places that were oozing and sucked the clots.  He was running clear in his irrigation yesterday, but last night he had a clot, and started running pink.  Today he has been running clear again.  Hopefully he will get to come home tomorrow :) as long as the blood work comes back good.  His hemoglobin is a little low and they are keeping an eye on it.  His nurses and the staff at the hospital have been great.  Of course you have your favorites.

During all this, my new song of the moment has been a staple to keep me focused on God!  It's a song I posted in the previous post.  My favorite line is "I will lay my crown at His feet; praising my Savior, my Lord, and my King! He reigns and I will rise! God's Glorious Light!"

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