Friday, July 20, 2012

a few thoughts....

So I just ended VBS week 2012.  As I sat in the VBS dedication service, my thoughts were ... "I can't believe I made it here.  I can't believe I'm actually able to work with these kids for a week."  Most of this year, during the prep time, I was spending at the hospital with  my dad.  On Sunday during VBS dedication service, I realized it had been a month since my daddy went to be with Jesus.  He lived his life in a way that pointed people to Jesus...and here I was about to begin this week working with kids and pointing them to Jesus.  Now I get to pass along what I learned from my daddy and see his testimony reach even more people.  What a blessing!

I have such a great Christian heritage. My dad was unsaved when he married my momma.  She was not living for the Lord at that time either.  But a man of God who worked with  my daddy, witnessed to him and pointed him to Jesus.  Daddy didn't know how to pray, so he simply said, "Lord, help me!" and He did.  Daddy spent the rest of his life proclaiming the word of God, showing how we can live as Christ lived, and especially teaching me about forgiving others.

I have something else special...I have a pastor who learned from my daddy.  I can't tell you how special it is to sit under the teaching of Pastor Scott Jenkins...sometimes I can tell he learned from daddy because his outlines are simple, yet profound.  My daddy didn't try to be over the top with flashy sermons.  He was simple, but knowledgeable.  He knew God's word.  He could quote so many passages of Scripture.  Something that my momma and I prayed for was that Daddy wouldn't lose his knowledge of the Scripture...and our prayer was answered.  He was able to talk with fellow pastors during his last week with us about future events in the Bible and other passages.  

I am so thankful that my daddy taught me who Jesus is...I'm also thankful that my momma led me to Jesus on Tuesday night in December.  I know I have never been the same and now I'm impacting lives of children ... hoping to point them to Jesus too.

Please be praying about the impact in these kids lives.  They are so important to Jesus...AND to me :) 


Anonymous said...

That is precious! My mom loved Jesus too and I saw her give tirelessly as a VBS teacher and director for years. I learned from her. She died in June, 17 years ago and each year, in June, I try and do something, with children, that she would LOVE. Usually it is helping at VBS. What a gift your Ebenezer Stone has been to me today. I never met your daddy, but I will in heaven. I do know your sister, Mary--she is the MIL of sweet Amanda, who's family is dear to us as well. Glory Be! ~Suzanne

DeeJay said...

Suzanne, Thanks for your comment. I am so thankful that I can encourage others with my blog. A lot of it is helpful to me in my growing and processing what God is teaching me.