Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving is almost upon us

I woke up this morning thinking..."I can't believe Thursday is Thanksgiving."  I have so much to do before the family comes in...tomorrow.  So, why am I writing a blog instead of working on stuff that needs to be done.  Because I want to share some thanksgiving thoughts that are going through my head.

I have been thinking about being thankful for the valleys of our life.  My parents used to sing together and one of my favorite songs they sang was "Thank You for the Valley" by Dottie Rambo.  I loved hearing them sing it, and it wasn't because I heard a cute boy from church camp sing it when I was little too - however, I do still remember him singing it.  

That song talks about how life can't be all sunshine, because the flowers would die without rain, the rivers would be barren, and if we had only blessings our prayer life would suffer to an extent. 

The chorus talks about being thankful for the lonely nights.  I know I have lived through many lonely nights, but I wouldn't trade them because God was with me during each one of them.  I struggle a lot of times being single and not having a companion, but I'd rather be single than settle for something that is less than God's best for me.  

I'm thankful for the valleys I walk through...knowing that Jesus is with me...guiding me each step of the way :)

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