Monday, December 31, 2012

Forgiveness - Tenth Avenue North - Losing

Forgiveness has been on my heart the last couple of days.  I had a situation that I felt I needed to forgive and ask them to forgive me.  Well...since taking care of that situation I have read posts by others about forgiveness.  The first was from Michael O'Brien (my favorite Christian singer).  Here's what he shared...

Forgiving someone for doing something hurtful to you doesn't make that person right in what they did, but it makes you free.  I heard that from my dear sister Stormie Omartian and really love that revelation.
This post from Michael was encouraging to me because right before reading this, I had made the decision to forgive some people.  I prayed that God could do what he wanted with the relationships for His glory. 

I understand that friendships and relationships can come and out of our lives for certain times.  I have been hurt a few times in the past and know that holding onto those hurts doesn't help me...what it does is harbor a root of bitterness to grow.  Which causes a barrier to become between God and me.  Thankfully God has used a few messages and friends' postings to lead me to what I needed to do.  

What I need to do now is forgive and let God deal with how the other person responds.  Since taking the initiative, I had another post that really spoke to me.  It was from a friend who is a pastor's wife.  She shares...

Forgive, forgive, forgive, forgive! Don't wait until tomorrow! I really don't know why this is so heavy on my heart right now, but it is...there will come a time in each of our lives that WE are the ones standing in the need of forgiveness.  What a dreadful place to be - but what a merciful place it CAN be! No one is above the need for mercy.  Praising God for the mercy and grave He's shown ME in 2012! Overwhelmed with love and thankfulness for my Saviour, and for those with which He allows me to walk this road! p.s. I forgive you ;)
This led me to think of the song by Tenth Avenue North - Losing.  I think this describes exactly how it feels to not forgive someone for what they have done to you.  It hurts...but we are only hurting ourselves more by not forgiving others.  May God bless!

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