Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Well, I haven't written since my post from November.  I hope to do better beginning this post about writing for this blog. 

Yesterday was my mom and dad's anniversary.  A few weeks ago, I had thought about giving her something for the anniversary. If daddy were here she would get something and I didn't want her to not get something special for that day. I ended up purchasing a locket that I put one of daddy's pictures in it.  I have a place to put her in it too :)

Christmas is here!  The celebration of Jesus' birth.  My tradition for the past several years has been to come to my sister Leah's house and go to their Christmas Eve service to listen to Pastor Rick deliver a monologue about the Christmas story. It's such a special time.  

It was a little difficult this year sitting in the service knowing that my dad is in Heaven and not in the seat next to us.  At the closing Pastor Rick stated that how he knew it had been a hard year for many of the people. That's when my tears really showed up.  

For my sister's present this year I gave her a DVD of Jason Crabb singing.  I am not a HUGE fan, but she is.  I have to say, the man can sing.  Especially when he's singing "I'd Rather Have Jesus."  Listening to it this morning, put everything into perspective.  The gifts we receive on Christmas are nice, but the real gift we should be receiving (if not received already) is the gift of salvation by Jesus Christ.  He came to this earth as a baby and grew up.  Learn the trade of his earthly father as a carpenter.  When it was time, He began His earthly ministry pointing people to God.  Once the events were completed, it was time for Him to be crucified. The Jews didn't kill Jesus...He gave up the ghost. He gave His life up for us.  He did this with such love in His heart for every soul that had lived before Him and those who will live after this act of kindness.  

So this morning, why Jason was singing "I'd Rather Have Jesus." I sat there and thought of how special Jesus' gift to me is.  It just really helped me to see how things in the world don't match to Jesus!

Merry Christmas!

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