Saturday, January 12, 2013

A really good day :)

Had a really GREAT Saturday!  I actually had 9 people at Zumba® including me. This was something that I had been praying about...last week was just really hard on me with not having anyone show up. I know there are going to be days like that, but having 8 other people there today was really good.  

After working out, I worked on cleaning the church - and disinfecting for the flu germs.  It took me two and a half hours to do 2 restrooms (with 4 1/2 stalls), the fellowship hall, and sanctuary.  I am pooped!  

After that I went to the store to get some food for the week.  Took my time reading labels...I put my headphones in and just zoned into reading labels and not really paying attention to what was there.  

I came home and made a salad to eat with some homemade soup made by my neighbor.  She used low sodium ingredients :)  I really am thankful to have other people around me watching their sodium intake. 

Tonight excited that I still get my evening popcorn.  Worked it out today to stay within everything I'm watching :)

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