Saturday, January 05, 2013

Discouragement or Encouragement

I know it's hard to succeed when we are faced with discouragement.  I am discouraged right now.  I was really looking forward to my first Zumba class of the year because I wasn't able to hit my weekly classes since my work schedule was long.  Well, I got there and no one came.  It's not fun working out alone with Zumba (unless I'm at home, I really don't want to do it alone) - thus the reason to go to a class.  

I can let this discouragement cause me to not want to do anything today, but instead I'm going to encourage myself to get out and get some form of exercise.  It's tough to do this because I can wallow in my own self pity - which is what Satan wants me to do, or I can stand as a person who was made in the image of God and continue on this journey. 

Can you guess which one I'm gonna do?  I hope you guessed correctly. I was created in the image of God.  He loves me! He doesn't want me to be down trodden. He wants me to live as royalty, because I am a child of His. I'm a jewel in His crown...therefore I'm to live as though I'm royal.  I wear a ring on my finger that is a crown.  I bought this ring as a reminder to myself that I am a jewel in God's crown.  I'm wanted...even when there is no one that shows up to Zumba class...God still wants me.  Even when I feel like my friends have moved on to other friendships...God wants me.  Even when I feel as though I'm the only person who's alone...I'm not...God is there with me.  

I think when we focus on what we don't have ... that's when discouragement wins in our lives.  But when we focus on what God has given us...that's when we can live with encouragement.  

I love the fact that God brings people into our lives for a reason and purpose.  It's hard to see some of them go in and out of our life, but there's reason and purposes for them to be there.  Praise God that HE is always in our life.  We just need to focus on Him all the time.

God is good...all the time!  All the time...God is good!

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