Sunday, February 03, 2013

Super bowl!

I am not really a football fan, but I am enjoying the Superbowl tonight. I began watching it after half time and saw where the 49ers made a few touchdowns to bring this game closer than it was before half time.  As I watch this game, I keep yelling "stone wall" when the 49ers are on defense.  I want them to block the Ravens.  Not that I have anything against the Ravens.  

I am not a fan of the commercials like in the past.  This year I haven't liked any that I have seen.  Although I didn't start watching until after the half time :)

I have noticed that I have seen MORE helmets fall off their heads than any other game I have watched.  I don't know why they aren't strapping the helmet on their heads...after all they are there to protect their heads from damage.  Crazy boys! Need to strap them on!

While I have been watching the game, I have been working on VBS stuff too!  I have gotten several things printed for me to begin copying, but still have to get a few things before I get the copies started.  

A few more minutes and we will know who wins the game! Until next time :)

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