Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day

So Natalie Grant (one of my favorite female vocalists) requested stories on her wall about mom's, so I decided to write her and tell her about my mom.  Here is my submission.

I am the youngest of seven children.  My mother taught me several things, but my few lessons I want to list are: how being submissive isn't belittling to women, how to be a positive influence in your husband's ministry and how to be a women of integrity.

My mother became a Christian at the age of 10.  However during her teen years, she left herself drift along with life and slacked in her testimony.  My mother began her married life at the young age of 18, soon after that she had her first child, a little girl.  Soon after my dad decided to go to church after being a pall bearer at a funeral of a man who witnessed to him several times before his death.  He began a Christian in 1954.  He had no idea how to accept Jesus' salvation, but he knew he needed help, so he said, "Lord, help me" (in his testimony he would pause and say "...and He did").

A few years later my dad was called into the ministry as a pastor.  My mother's reaction to this was "whatever the Lord wants, you need to do."  She supported my dad during his ministry as pastor for over 40 years.  My dad's health declined a little and he had to stop driving because of his condition.  Even during the time was the driver for them both...she never complained.  Even when he wanted to go to town just to go and she needed to mop the floors, she would stop what she needed to do and take him to town.  She knew that he had lost a sense of control when he wasn't able to drive and needed to rely on others...she wanted him to still have the ability to choose to do something when he wanted to.  It was such a special thing to watch them together.

Last year, my dad's health really took a turn for the worse at the beginning of 2012.  He spent many days in the hospital, yet my mom never left his side.  She would sleep in the hospital room on a fold out chair or sofa bed, whatever they had for her to sleep on.  We would encourage her to take a few hours to head home while one of us kids stayed with him.  He passed away on June 15, 2012.  The night he went home to be with Jesus, my entire family was there (except one brother and family who was coming the following day).  We remembered stories, quoted scripture and sang songs while he went to be with Jesus.  His favorite song was "Higher Ground" and my mom's "Blessed Assurance." Both songs were sung many times during those last few days and moments of his life.  Even now, they are still comforts to us as we continue to grieve.

My mom still loves her husband.  Even death hasn't parted that love.  She continues to live her life as a Proverbs 31 woman.  Her children rise up and call her blessed! is truly a statement that can describe Garnet Jayne's children.

When I met you Natalie, you were the first Christian artist who was a women that I could consider a women of integrity...Why?  because you displayed attributes that my mom had taught to me.  That's why I really am thankful you are a Christian artist who inspires young women.  We need more women like my mom and you to influence these girls :)
This is one of the last pictures with all of the family (at that time).  There are 4 more additions and one on the way.  My niece Chloe is in the picture you just can't see her because she was one of the additions :)
 This one was taken at Buckeye Christmas a few years ago.  My mom is seated.  Standing from left to right: Leah (5th), Becky (1st), Mary (6th) and me - DeeJay (7th).  This is one of our favorites that was taken.  It's amazing how much  my sister and I look alike...we are not twins :)
 This is my dad's tomb stone.  My mom and I visited it on her

The last picture is my mom with my dad before he went to Heaven with Jesus.  She was by his side until he passed.  She is still a faithful wife.

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