Tuesday, July 30, 2013

All I Can Do - Mikeschair - thoughts from me :)

So yesterday I posted the link for Mikeschair "All I Can Do."  I had been thinking about stuff in my life and I think God sent this song to help me to just stop and thank Him.  I know how I sometimes get wrapped up in my life and how I wish things were different, wish I was married (or at least had a special person in my life).  Well, yesterday K-Love played this song and before they played it, there was a woman who shared how she was complaining to God about her life and how she wished it was different and she didn't have the struggles that she had, and this song came on the radio.  She immediately began thanking the Lord for giving her the life she had.  

When we look at our circumstances, we can be people who are unthankful, ungrateful, never satisfied...but when we began counting the blessings that we do have.  Even if it's just the air that we breathe...we can become thankful, grateful, and satisfied with the life that God has given us.  

Yes, we have choices, but I believe everything that comes into my life is Father filtered (meaning it's gone through Him first, then passed to me).  So the trials that I have...God knows I can get through them, with HIS strength.  I can thank Him for those trials.  So I ask for trials to be put upon me?  Never, but when He allows them to come my way, I can thank Him that He's there with me during them.  He's in the storm with me.  He's right there...holding me.  I can thank Him for being there...with me.  

This song helps me to look at my life in a different way and with a different perspective.  I had a really rough day today...but I am thankful that God has given me the life I don't deserve, thank Him for the grace that I don't have to earn.  He's given me proof of His love :) Praise God!

So if you are struggling and need strength to get through that trial you are walking through...remember to be thankful.  Thank God for the life He has given you, for the strength He has to help you through it....and remember to thank Him for praying friends.  Because God has given us people who are prayer warriors for us.