Saturday, August 24, 2013

good day

What a good day!  I love the fact that I don't mind going up to "famous people" to talk to them...or even post on Facebook and Twitter pages.  I got a comment back from Mandisa on a post that I made on her page.  I also got a tweet reply on a picture I posted to her.  I have to say I really love Mandisa.  She is an inspiration to me.  I know she is younger than I am, but she is still a person of influence in my life.

She, too, is single.  She has had weight struggles as well...And we both have a thing for dark bald men :) 

My first introduction to Mandisa's music was her stint on American Idol.  The courage she showed by forgiving Simon Cowell for remarks made about her weight, not only showed confidence, but also showed integrity. I love people who live their lives with integrity. I try to live my life that way too, and sometimes I strive and sometimes I drown.

I find when I let the stresses of life get to me, and I'm not leaning on the strength of Jesus that is when I struggle...but when I lean into the strength of Jesus and let Him lead me life goes smoother.  

I have been struggling lately, but today was a good day...remembering that Jesus is in control of my life :) I need to remember that all I have to do is lean on Him :)

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