Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 12 - Post your Mood

Day 12 - Post your mood. I believe that today I experienced all of these moods, with the exception of "Love-struck" and "drunk."  I was "happy" on my way there, "sad" "irritated" "angry" "lazy" "lonely" and "guilty" while there.  "Ecstatic" when I walked out the door, and I was "bored" a little during lunch. I didn't experience "drunk" because I NEVER drink alcohol and I'm not Shemar Moore didn't make any contact for me to be "love-struck"...LOL!!!

All in all it was a good day though.  I'm thankful that God allowed me to live another day.  I pray that I can continue to bring praise to Him even when I experience CRAZY, HECTIC days at work.  

In other news, I have become a rep for Beauti-Control.  I use their products and am not really the sales-person type, but I joined and I get some free items if I go to a meeting on Saturday. I am meeting a friend and she will be going with me...YEAH! I hate doing things alone sometimes.  Due to the meeting my Zumba class for the weekend is cancelled :( 

The weekend looks good ... it's almost here :)

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