Thursday, September 12, 2013

Highlights from 2006

Note - I found this as a draft and ended up publishing it...notice it is SEVERAL years old :)

Well...I thought I'd give you some highlights from last year. I realized that I had not been on this site for some time.

Last year, I experienced my first mission trip. What an experience! I had not had a desire to go on a short term mission trip, but my friends had been interested in I went to the meetings. I was still nervous about going to another country without knowing the language, but the more planning and preparation we did the more interested I became. We also decided to get our puppet team involved in the trip...since I'm on the puppet team I felt that it be best that I go on the trip. Our week was very busy. We left the states on Saturday, and got to our destination that evening. Sunday morning we got coffee at "Italian Coffee" on the way to church at the Penthouse. Although the service was in spanish, it was still interesting. Sunday afternoon was our shopping day.

Our mornings were filled with teaching English to students at the university. We had 10 to 13 students participate. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

In the evenings we had a VBS planned for the kids. Our puppets had songs and skits in spanish for the kids to listen to. We also got different crafts together for them to take home each night. It was really fun to be apart of that experience.

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