Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 13 - Thankful Challenge

Day 13 - I am thankful for my nieces and nephews. I have 6 brothers and sisters, and 5 of them have children and two of them have given me "great" niece and nephews. Each are talented have a heart to use their talent for the Lord. It amazes me the talent that is in my family. With the CPR2 boys and their seasonal videos to musical instruments and vocals they use. I am amazed to see what God has done in their lives and what He will continue to do in them. A special shout out to Micah Jayne who exceeded a request for a soundtrack to be made. I will be forever grateful for what you did in that gesture for me. So excited to get to meet my newest Great nephew Landon in a few weeks. 

(Taken in 2008)
Front Row (L-R) Nicholas, Marcus, Brock, & Jacob
Back Row (L-R) Michael, Adam, Marisa, Memaw, Pepaw, David, Chelsea, Karis, Maddie, & Micah

This picture was one of the last pictures to get all the grand kids with Peep.  My dad passed in June 2011.  

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