Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 18 - Thankful Challenge

Day 18 - I'm thankful for the ability to sing songs. I love being able to sing at church to glorify my God! He is the reason I sing. I love being able to lead music at church, sing in the choir, sing with my I:43 partners in crime (CarrieKathi, and Tim), and sing solos at church. But some of my favorite times singing is while cleaning the church when no one else is there. Sometimes singing when no one else is around are special times for me. I have always felt that music is the background of my life. I remember songs like I remember moments in my life. There is usually a theme song for each moment. Most of my music collection is Contemporary Christian, because that's what I prefer, however, I do like singing fun pop songs too (especially with my niece Madison). We belt out some really good Justin Bieber when she is visiting me. We usually have a party anytime we are riding in my car  I remember we used to get my dad to sing with us too. It was a blast and I'm thankful for those memories 

This video was done in 2009 at our Easter Music Service. Video taken by Linda Gayle Bailey.

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