Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day 19, 20, 21, and 22 (I know I fell behind again)

Thankfully my Facebook page was kept up to date.  

 Day 19 -I'm thankful for bonus' we got this year at work.  It may not have been what it was last year, but we still got it and I still have a job.

Day 20 - I'm thankful for the Daily Bread Devotional.  Even though it's a short devotional it usually leads me to further study of God's Word.  A few thankful post ago, I quotes Phil. 2:4, today's reading has quoted it too.  Reminding us to look around to others where we can show genuine concern for others. The act of doing for others is more encouraging to me most times.

Day 21 - I'm thankful for a friend of mine who sent me some deer jerky.  I was so excited when I came home from work and had this envelope in my chair.  

Day 22 - I'm thankful for my time with my accountability partner.  We usually get to touch base throughout each week, but we make plans to actually sit down and discuss during some uninterrupted time.  I believe everyone should have someone that they can call an accountability partner. It's going to be someone who will call you out when you are being selfish.  It's someone who will pray with you.  And someone you can trust!

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