Saturday, November 09, 2013

Day 9 - Thankful Challenge

Day 9 - I'm thankful for prayer. The ability to talk to God anywhere, anytime! I don't have to bow my head and close my eyes (especially while driving). I can just talk to Him like I do my family and friends. One thing I have learned about's not coming before the Throne of God, dressed in our Sunday best. It's coming before the Throne of God, boldly...yet as a friend of God. 

I remember when I went through a lesson period where God was teaching me to pray to Him...even when I was upset with how He was working things out. He already knew I was upset. He already knew I didn't feel like praying, yet I went in prayer to Him and told him. "I know that You understand I'm upset and not happy with how you are working in this matter, but You are in control and I have to understand that I can't see the BIG picture."

When I began to praying even when I was angry, upset, sad, or prayer life became more like ... breathing. I'm thankful for that ability to come before the Throne of God and be able to deal with sin, accept the forgiveness that He offers, intercede for others as well as myself, and just talk to Him. He's there for us. He wants us to just talk to Him.

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