Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day - this is late...

Yesterday was the second year anniversary of my daddy's home going.  It was nice to be able to go to church on that honor him by making sure I'm in church and serving the Lord.  I'm thankful for the fact that I get to teach a Sunday school class full of children.  My daddy loved children.  He really enjoyed teaching them about Jesus.  I get to do that too.  

On Friday I was able to take my momma to the grave.  While we were there, I got to see where a lady from my church was buried.  She introduced me to a song that I ended up singing last night.  

I scheduled myself to sing in the evening because I knew my mom would be able to be there and I wanted to sing.  I chose the song that Barb Marshall recommended to me last year before her death. I do wish she could have heard me sing it. 

I'm thankful for the legacy that my father passed to me.  The foundation I have in Jesus in my lifeline.  My parents (both of them) had an impact on my decision to give my life to Jesus and accept His free gift of Salvation.  I'm so thankful that each "story" in the bible points to Jesus and how we can bring that reminder of a need for a redeemer in every lesson I teach.  

Happy Father's Day in heaven, Daddy! I love you and still miss you every day :) 

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