Sunday, August 10, 2014


I have recently been following Chrystal Evans Hurst on Instragram. I didn't realize she had co-authored a book with her dad Dr. Tony Evans until this summer.  But since learning this info, I have been able to see what she is like by checking her Instagram page.  

I feel Chrystal could be one of my sisters.  She was raised in a christian home and her dad is a pastor too. She has struggled with her weight, and I have too!  She challenged her "followers" to take a #7daychallenge to fight the #fatdemon.  I have been involved with this challenge this past week, and the benefits have been really great.  I have been conscience about what I'm eating.  Yes, I missed taking a few of the pictures of my meals, but even though I didn't get the pictures, I still was able to make good decisions about what I was eating.  

This morning was my weigh day and I really wanted to see how well I did.  I lost 2.6 pounds and am actually on the losing side again! Yeah!  

I want to thank Chrystal for challenging us with this adventure.  I know it has helped me, and even when I went to the store tonight, I made wise choices to get healthy foods for the week.  

Please continue to pray for me on this journey, I know I need it, because it's through God's strength that I will fight the #fatdemon!

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