Monday, August 11, 2014

Day 1 - #7daychallenge (2nd time around)

It has been a pretty good day as far as my eating has gone.  I planned on breakfast and snacks for today last night.  It was good to be prepared.  And I'm gonna try that again tonight for tomorrow.  Planning is the key.

For breakfast I had Greek Yogurt (for protein), sliced peach, banana.  I drank water with this and throughout the morning. Drinking water has really helped me from snacking too much.
 For lunch, we had a drug representative to bring lunch. I was already getting stressed and didn't want to have to deal with lunch, so the provider said it was okay to do the platters or box lunches from Chick-fil-a.  I ate the sandwich and chips.  Said no to the cookie, in fact I took it out of my box so it wouldn't be tempting me.

I drank water again.  Part of my lunch time was spent running errands quickly.  So I made sure I enjoyed the sandwich so I knew I ate it.

I had forgot I brought a cucumber to eat with lunch, so I had it for snack with some black seedless grapes. I also had a half of a pickle from Jimmy Johns, but had eaten it before I got the picture of the snack.  I still have some of the grapes for dinner time too.

For dinner - or after Zumba snack, I had popcorn, two brownies with fat free organic milk and water.  Yes I had popcorn for dinner. After Zumba I don't like to eat too heavy, so I just eat popcorn, because after my workout my metabolism is higher.  So I added the brownies too.

I got my water in for the day.  It's so easy to do that when I have Zumba class. 

I was also good with points today. I used a few of my weekly points, but that's cool.

Enjoy working to fight the #fatdemon on the #7daychallenge 

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