Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 2 #7daychallenge to fight the #fatdemon

Well, day two is upon us.  It's been a great day so far with food choices.  It wasn't the best day of work, however.  Thankfully it wasn't too stressful that it messed up my food choices :)

I began the day with my Greek yogurt and a banana with water to drink.  I know that there is supposed to be a variety, but I find when I'm at work if I eat anything but Greek yogurt, I'm usually starved before lunch.  I try to make my fruit different each day to help with the variety.

For a snack, I did have some sesame sticks and blueberries.  I ended up eating my blueberries during some of my lunch too.  

For lunch I had a really great Turkey sandwich on 12 grain bread, one cucumber, grapes, peaches, and watermelon.  I drank water with lunch, but not a lot.  I still have some grapes left, because I wasn't able to eat them all with everything else. I also had part of my sandwich on the way home from work, as I didn't have time to eat it all.

For dinner I'm going to have chicken salad on multi-grain crackers (I love these crackers because they are also gluten free.  I'm not totally gluten free, but I am trying to not eat a lot of it. I do when I eat bread, but I don't always eat bread.

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