Thursday, August 28, 2014

God's Got This!

What a difference perspective makes! When facing tests and trials in my life, I find that if I'm trusting God I can continue on in them with not too much of a hiccup.  But when I look directly at the circumstances that I'm facing my vision is overwhelmed by issues, and I can't think or even breathe...yet alone praise the Lord.  The past several days my focus was on my situation.  Thanks to a great bible study and wonderful family and friends in my life now my focus is on trusting God. 

I woke up this morning and getting ready for work and received a text from a good friend telling me she was praying for me and encouraging me to just "Trust God."  Do you know how sometimes you can get advice from friends or family and you think...yeah I know that's what I'm supposed to do, but you don't understand the situation.  With this friend it's not that way...she chose the phrase "Trust God" for her phrase in 2014.  So when she tells me to Trust God...she is telling me from experience that it's sometimes a struggle to do so.  

On the way to work, listening to WalkFM, I was able to hear again Matt Maher sing "You're Grace is Enough."  Praise God for that not so new song to be getting so much air play lately.  

Also before work, I received several texts from friends letting me know they were praying for me and for direction of what to do.  I'm so thankful for God using ordinary people to encourage me.  

He also gave me my brother David who sent me a song this morning.  It was beautiful, and I believe it could have been written for me in my circumstance.  "God's Whisper in Your Ear" ... beautiful! Simply beautiful!

Because I love music and listen to it a lot, God uses it to point me toward Scripture and reading the Word.  So, when I was thinking about perspective yesterday evening and today...I went to the account Peter walking the sea with Jesus. This is one of my favorite times with Peter.  I think of Peter as someone who thinks before he speaks.  He's like..."Lord, if that's really You, tell me to come out with You." He doesn't even remember that a crazy storm is happening, and when Jesus says "come on" (or as in the Jayne family we would translate this to "commawnhea" - you have to watch the Camo-plaid Revolution 2 videos from season 5 to understand that statement).  Anyway, Peter gets out of the boat and begins walking toward Jesus...his eyes are fixed on Him...until he gets a quick look around him (maybe this was something of pride - him looking at the waves thinking...look at me, I'm walking on water.) Whatever it was...Peter lost his focus and began seeing the circumstance around him.  Lost focus can cause issues with attitude.  So, as he begins to sink into the water, he looks to Jesus and again and says "Lord, help!" And Jesus reaches out His hand to take Peter's.  This reminds me of my daddy's testimony, because he talks about going forward at the invitation and saying "Lord help me, and He did"  

We can learn from Peter's experience...keep our focus on God...after all HE'S GOT THIS!

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