Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Perspective - Glass half empty or Glass half full

Last week...My pastor preached a message on Psalm 46:1.  The beginning of the week, he preached about how we let things get in the way of our worship with God.  We sometimes will allow distractions to appear in front of Him and we let a distance come between us and God.  I went forward and prayed to confess some areas in my life that I allowed to distance me from God.  Well...that's when spiritual warfare began to heat up in my life.  

I'm a Christian.  Sometimes I'm quiet, but sometimes I'm bold.  And when I'm bold...that's when I get attacked.  Monday morning, the attacks began.  Tuesday they were strong enough for me to begin seeking employment elsewhere.  Today, PRAISE GOD, was Wednesday.  I listened Walk-FM on the way to work.  Three songs were encouragement to me - Fix My Eyes by for King and Country, Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave, and You're Grace is Enough by Matt Maher.  I was so happy to be able to walk into work for a new day, but work was even harder. But God did show me highlights in my day.  He put me on the mind of a good friend of mine, who brought me a devotional book and Frappe from McDonald's.  When I finally made it to Bible Study, I was just ready to sit there and enjoy to hear the word of God.  

God showed up. I was able to give praise for how He is going to work in the work situation I am in. I believe God brought me to my current job for a reason.  Why?  To be a witness to others.  To be bold in my faith and stance.  To be an encouragement to people.  This morning, I couldn't encourage anyone, not even myself, but I'm feeling much better.  On the way home, I heard "Word of God Speak" by Mercy Me.  

Before Bible Study I had been reading in the book "Praying Through the Names of God" by Dr. Tony Evans.  I got to "ELOHEI MA'UZZI: The GOD of my Strength"  I loved the adoration and thanksgiving part. 

Elohei Ma'uzzi, You are my strong fortress. You are the God of my strength. In You I find all that I need. In You are power, might, and force. I praise You for Your mighty hand. I lift up Your name to given You honor because of Your greatness. Your creation testifies to Your power. The mountains rise to proclaim Your strong arm. The ocean depths reveal Your force. The moon keeps its place because of Your great strength. The sun flames as a result of Your own creative prowess. You are to be held in the highest esteem, and I praise You, Elohei Ma'uzzi.

Elohei Ma'uzzi, I thank You for being strong and powerful -- and for being strong for me.  You are a personal God who desires to see me live out my destiny according to Your calling and the purpose for which You have created me.  In order to do this, I need Your strength. I don't have to juggle everything in my life on my own because You have told me that if I come to You, You will give me rest. Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light because You bear them for me.  Thank You, Elohei Ma'uzzi, that in You I find my strength.

This prayer was so encouraging to me and I'm thankful for how God has encouraged me this evening.  Yes, I may go into work tomorrow morning with the same issues, but I have a GOD, who is my REFUGE and STRENGTH.  Like the picture to the left "I may not be in an ideal situation, but I have an Ideal GOD!"

So, I'm trying to keep my perspective as a glass half full! God is BIGGER than my situation.  He is the one I can lean on...He is my REFUGE AND STRENGTH!