Saturday, August 30, 2014

#SeptemberThanksgivingChallenge begins in 2 day!!!

I have been excited about taking the #SeptemberThanksgivingChallenge 

I have been listening to Chrystal Hurst's podcast from June.  The whole month she was celebrating life...because it was her birthday month too.  I guess since I have been listening to her celebrating that's what brought the idea of celebrating that I am fearfully & wonderfully made.  I'm so excited to share with what God is bringing into my mind while preparing for this.  

This was a rough week for me, because my focus was wrong at the beginning of the week. However, when I went to Bible study on Wednesday I was able to get my focus back on God and where it is supposed to be.  Doing this challenge I think will help me see God as the Strong Creator - Elohim. So excited to share this!

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